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We are honoured to be stocking this new range of South Australian made organic fertlizers and plant support.

This range has been uniquely developed for use on indoor house plants, from run of the mill rabbit footed ferns,
All the way up to rare variegated Monstera's and everything in between.

This company has taken sustainability to a new level,
With every product purchased, We the Wild will plant a tree!!

Also all of the products are made using Worms and their byproducts.

The main aim of the We The Wild range is to introduce a beneficial microbial environment for potted plants, simulating the benefits plants recieve in the soil out in the wild.

All packaging is Recyclable also, and its looks beautiful!!

We The Wild Support pellets are completely organic using worms in SA

  • The support pellets can be mixed into the pots existing medium to build stronger and healthier roots
  • converts dead soil into a microbe paradise, emulating the soil in the wild!
  • Slow release nutrients to provide support for plant health and growth
  • increases stress resilience
  • full of mycorrhizal fungi to create a symbiotic rootzone
  • 200+ microorganisms to complete the soil food web
  • great for beginners, who need that additional long term support whilst learning plant nutrition!