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We are honoured to be stocking this new range of South Australian made organic fertlizers and plant support.

This range has been uniquely developed for use on indoor house plants, from run of the mill rabbit footed ferns,
All the way up to rare variegated Monstera's and everything in between.

This company has taken sustainability to a new level,
With every product purchased, We the Wild will plant a tree!!

Also all of the products are made using Worms and their byproducts.

The main aim of the We The Wild range is to introduce a beneficial microbial environment for potted plants, simulating the benefits plants recieve in the soil out in the wild.

All packaging is Recyclable also, and its looks beautiful!!

The "Love Your Plants Kit" comes with all 3 of the We the wild products:

  • Grow - This product is made by worms creating a strong organic nutrient which wont burn your plants! this product will make your leaves bigger and greener, as well as correcting deficiencies and strengething the plants.
  • Protect - This spray is used to combat common pests with added Neem oil, as well as containing anti bacterial and antifungal properties. can be used fortnightly 
  • Support - The support pellets are a slow release mycorrhizal fungi, that creates a "natural" microbial system in your potted plants, pellets can be mixed into medium for ongoing benefits, strengething the roots and increasing plants resilience to stress!!

The "Love your plants kit" is designed to feed 10-20 plants for 1-2 months!!