Time-R Digital Timer

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The Time-R time machine is a fantastic reliable digital timer that offers 3 different timing modes, aswell as boasting a 30A relay inside!!

Timed Mode - this function is the old fashioned digital timer mode, where you can set precise on/off times across different days of the week with up to 15 seperate feeds or "on" periods per day, starting with 1 second.

Repeat Mode - offers a recycling timer mode, where you simply set an "on" time ranging from 1 second up tp 99 hours, and an "off" time which simply repeats over and over across every day of the week.
This mode is fantastic for feed pumps and evaporative pump timing.

Combined Mode - This mode combines functions of the two seperate modes listed above. 
This mode allows you to run your equipment on and off repeatedly (recycling) at set intervals throughout a 24hr period with a maximum of 3 group settings.
The main benefit of this mode is you can have different recycling intervals during your lights on hours and your dark hours. 

Example - with lights on you can set your pump to irrigate for 1 minute every 4 hours, and change it to feed for 30 seconds every 6 hours during lights off, all on the one timer!!!