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Super Si introduced the newset and latest evolution in hydroponic nutrient technology!!
Super Si introduced us to the super silica known as Mono-silicic Acid.

Super Siis a powerful blend using monomeric silicic acid to produce lush and strong vegetative growth, acting the same as normal silica inputs, but with the added benefit of reduced internodal stretch throughout vegetative development.

Even though the results you see will blow your mind, be confident in the fact this product contains no synthetic PGR's or harmful and harsh chemicals!

Some of the main benefits of using Super Si are:

  • encourages resistance to abiotic and biotic stress (physical vs organic stresses)
  • improves cell structure and formation for accelerated vegetative growth
  • induces shorter internodal spacing and ecourages tight flower sets!
  • increases overall dry weight of harvest
  • super concentrated and can be used with any nutrient program
  • The regular dose can be doubled at the onset of flowering to reduce and sometimes stop stretching altogether (no more nasty PGRs please world!!