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LUMii Black
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The LUMii Black range may be a newcomer to the Australian market, however it has been flourishing throughout europe,
especially the UK!

The LUMii Black range is incredible value for money, featuring a smart digital ballast that can be changed from 250w-400w-600w-630w to suit your lighting needs at any stage throughout your grow.

The LUMii digital ballast is able to run both MH and HPS 600w globes, and has a secure fly power lead to avoid arcing from dodgy plug connections.
The ballast doesn not have cooling fans, instead using a passive heatsink, which means it runs virtually silent and very cool.
Soft start capabilities protect the lifespan of your globes as well as avoiding amperage spikes when igniting your room.

The LUMii Black Dual spectrumm HPS lamp is rated for 20,000 hours of runtimem whilst offering a perfect spectrum for enhanced vegetative and flowering cycles!!

This kit comes complete with the ballast and lamp with your choice of reflectors.

The medium shade is a white rigid reflector with the globe holder incorporated, measuring 460x500mm

The large shade is the same as the medium, but you guessed it larger! Measuring 580x600mm

The third option is the Adjusta-wing defender which is well known and loved, just more expensive!

Also the ballast is super light, and slim line!!