Hydro Axis Digital Seconds timer

Hydro Axis
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The Hydro Axis digital seconds timer presents a super simple and effective feeding timer.
This digital seconds timer is the perfect balance between budget and performance.

They are super easy to set with some helpful functions, such as being able to set feeds in seconds without a silly "alarm" function.

Simply set the days and feeding times, like any other timer using the seconds button and away you go!

They also come with a handy lock function to prevent any bumps that may change the settings!

caution: These timers are designed to be used with water pumps as a feed timer,
Although the timer is able to run up to 2400W, a surge of amps will pop the relay!
If any timers are found to be faulty due to running HID lighting, warranty will be void.

You can get away with running a single HID 600w lighting fixture if desperate, however only for a short time!