Hortivision 315w CMH lamp

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Our premium 315w solution for powerful vegetative development. Ideal for rapid leafy green growth in your plants. The Hortivision 315w 4K CMH lamp is designed for medical-grade plant cultivation and heavy vegetative growth. Precisely engineered to replicate the sun, CMH lamps ensure that essential oil and resin production is drastically increased. 315w Technology has been rapidly gaining popularity for growers all over the globe.

The arc-tube within this bulb is built with a ceramic composite, and has more similar gases like a MH lamp, however the arc tube burns much hotter and brighter, ensuring the light that comes out has more UV A, UV B and a complete lighting spectrum.

The result for your plants? Faster growth, healthier leaves, shorter internodes and more natural plant profile development.CDM (CMH)  is likely to become the choice of the connoisseur looking for the best quality produce. 

There are 4 options to select from depending on your intended use:

  • 3K lamp - is considered a full spectrum lamp, providing a balanced spectrum for both vegetative growth and flowering.
  • 3K-R lamp - is a boosted red spectrum lamp designed for flowering, this lamp can be switched with the vegetative lamp to maximise flower development 
  • 4K lamp - is a daylight based spectrum designed to provide a similar spectrum to old school Metal Halides, producing a white/blue light, that will decrease internodal stretch and boost vegetative growth!
  • 10K lamp - The Hortivision 315w QMH 10K finishing lamp is beautifully designed for the connoisseur gardener! This unique 10k technology uses optimised amounts of UV-A and UV-B to heavily increase essential oil and resin production. This means your flowers will smell better, your fruit will taste superior and your herbs will have a higher potency in the kitchen! To be used during the final week or two, to boost resin and essential oil production!