Hipar 600w HPS DE 400v lamp

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HI-PAR 600w HPS DE is our most powerful HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamp we have ever released!
Our new DE HPS is built with the highest quality components and unique gasses to ensure massive output!
The HI-PAR 600w HPS-DE is a Double-Ended lamp designed for use in high-frequency ballasts – offering more efficiency and longevity than ever before!

Our 600w DE lamp comfortably outputs 1200umol/m2/s and covers a huge footprint with high PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) light for heavy yields, and can effectively be used for vegetative or floral growth. Bring true intense PAR into your garden!

HI-PAR 600w HPS-DE lamps are high-frequency (EL / 400v) lamps – designed for use premium ballasts. HI-PAR 600w HPS-DE works best with HI-PAR 600w CONTROL Series Ballast but will also work with any brand of high quality EL / high frequency HPS ballast.