Hipar 1000w Ballast

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Hipar 1000w 400v OG ballast

The OG 1000w DE Hipar ballast is the original offering for 1000w fixtures, just without the ability to control thr fixture using the Hipar controller!
Still 400V power designed to be used with DE 1000w Lamps

Hipar 1000w 400v Control ballast

he HI-PAR 1000w Controllable Ballast is our new smart HID solution for commercial cultivation. Our 1000w HI-PAR Digital Ballasts have built a strong following for reliability, and massive raw power. This new range of 1000w Control Ballasts now gives you manageability and precision control at your fingertips!

The 1000w Controllable Ballast is our most powerful intelligent 1000w ballast, ever! Utilising premium capacitors for reliability; our workhorse yields huge returns! The HI-PAR 1000w Controllable Ballast incorporates all existing smart HI-PAR technology, with the new addition of controllability! 

Our newest range of Control ballasts are ‘plug & play’ compatible with the HI-PAR Control Station! Simply plug the

HI-PAR Control Station (sold separately) into the TRS “Link” port on your Controllable Ballast to utilise all our intelligent controller features including sunrise/sunset, digital 1% dimming, lighting timing and more!