Looking where to buy Premium Floramax Nutrients in Mount Barker?
Well welcome to The Hydro Institution, Where Floramax has quickly cemented itself as our house brand of Nutrients.
All of our customers absolutely love Floramax, regardless of the previous brand used.
Floramax is a high grade professional cropping formula developed over years of R&D to offer you the simplest, cleanest and most effective nutrient range in Australia and the world!

Floramax has been developed to remain concentrated yet also simple to mix and use!
Floramax has developed a simple to use range, consisting of 5 foundation products with several out of this world additives.
All Floramax products are designed to be used with hard water (Hello Adelaide) yet will still provide your plants with a rich full suite of essential nutrients whilst also maintaining consistent PH.

Floramax offer a choice between two different "Bases" one being the Vegeflora A+B which is a 2-part "all the way through" base nutrient, meaning it is used for both Vegetative and Flowering Cycles.
The other option which is hugely popular is the Floramax Veg-1, which is an amazing breakthrough in single part technology.
Offering a full strength solution which is super clean, and has a fantastic PH buffering capacity, which will lock your feed stock in at 6.4PH.

So if you want affordable and effective nutrients for your plants, drop into The Hydro Institution in Mount Barker, to pick up ypur floramax in store, or buy online!

Floramax in Mount Barker, You asked for it, and we delivered, catch up today!