Nutrients and Additives

All of the Nutrients and Additives we stock here at the Hydroponic Institution!!
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We have all of the best known products and brands available within the industry and are always looking to add to our range.
Our house brand is Floramax nutrients, and we are one of only a few authorised dealers in South Australia,
So if you want the best, we got the best, all right here at the Hydro Institution in Mount Barker

Affordable Hydroponic Nutrients in Mount Barker

Where to buy top range hydroponic nutrients and additives?

If you are looking for Affordable Hydroponic Nutrients around Mount Barker, here at The Hydro Institution you will find various nutrients and additives from different brands. We are renowned for providing our customers with top-quality additives and nutrients for hydroponic gardening or farming.

Can I buy effective and low-cost nutrients for my hydroponic project?

Growing plants Hydroponically is another way to get excellent crop yield and health. You can get effective yet Affordable Hydroponic Nutrients in Mount Barker at The Hydro Institution that will give perfect results. Our lead consultant prides himself on his understanding of plant nutrition, and we will be able to get you started, help with an existing feed system, or completely change it based on your needs!