C02 Data logger

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Our brand new C02 Data logger fills in the gap between useless cheap equipment, and over the top commercial units.

This C02 data logger is designed for the home/ hobbyist grower who wants to measure and understand the C02 levels within their grow environment.

C02 levels are crucial in regards to plant metabolism and vegetation!!
Low C02 levels can often be the cause of a wide range of issues experienced by growers especially in tents,
and without measuring C02 levels, one will never know if C02 is the root of issues or not.

Most C02 readers, especially data loggers, start around the $600 mark.

The data logger is able to be poweredby batteries or can be plugged in to a 5V phone charger (not included)

The unit takes readings and stores them at set intervals (up to you) and will be displayed on a graph on the unit,
Or you can collate all readings across a period of time, into a PDF and export it to a computer.

This unit has all of the same  features as units that are used commercially, at a much lower cost.