Bluelab PH pen

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The Bluelab PH pen has been a trusted peice of equipment for years!
This PH pen is the ultimate handheld solution for measuring the PH of your water and nutrient solution allowing you to understand the conditions your plant/s are living within, allowing you to know what nutrients will be made available to your grow.


  • Measures PH and Temperature of your solution
  • features Automatic Temperature compensation (ATC) which allows precise readings regardless of the solutions temperature.
  • can switch between celsius and farenheit
  • fully waterproof with a backlit display.
  • auto off function after a set time to prevent battery drain.
  • sealed cap with KCI well to maintain probe moisture and prevent drying out.

    Note: Never store in distilled or deionized water!!!

    Pen comes with a 1 year limited written warranty which covers factory issues and not breakage or damage - must have proof of purchase.