Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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The Bluelab Guardian moniter is true to its name - your garden guardian!

The Guardian moniter is an all in one wall mounted device that continuously provides clear and easy to read measurements of your nutrient solutions PH (with ATC), EC/TDS/PPMx700 and the temperature,
All three of these parameters are critical for your grows success.

The device is wallmounted and must be connected to a 240V socket at all times to operate (not battery operated)
It replaces the Bluelab PH pen and truncheon in one unit, and is therefore not designed to be transportable.

The EC and PH/thermo probe constantly sit within your reservior providing up to date readings at all times, very handy when mixing nutrients and additives. 


  • Plant safe Green LED indicators and display
  • Large and easy to read display
  • no calibration required ever for the EC/TDS/PPM probe - factory calibrated
  • simple push button PH calibration using Bluelab 7 and 4 buffer
  • able to change between different units for both conductivity and temperature
  • increased and improved tolerance to RF and electronic interferance
  • water resistant
  • replaceable PH probe 
  • adjustable display brightness

The Bluelab Guardian moniter is also available in a "Connect" version which utilises bluetooth connectivity with the Bluelab app to constantly see the readings without having to go into the grow area.