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The Smart-valve and AutoPot® Systems have won a number of awards including the Inventors Association of Victoria, Australia, First Prize in 1992 and the best Victorian invention at the Royal Melbourne Show of that same year.

Offering a perfectly designed, low maintenance system which can be customised to suit any gardeners needs.
Want to have some fresh produce on your home balcony? The autopot is for you!
Love fresh produce, but wasnt gifted with a green thumb - you guessed it, the Autopot is for you.

The Autopot systems allow a gardener to get a taste of growing their own food, who can then scale up and add onto the system at any time.

Autpots can be run outside or inside under lighting, and can be used as a gravity feed based system without the need of any electricity, or alterniatively can be connected to a pump assisted irrigation system!

NOTE: The 4 Pot kit can be selected with hard 15L plastic pots or 20L fabric pots - same cost

Resource Efficiency

Where water is scarce, AutoPot® Systems has no water wastage or nutrient run-off.

Ease Of Use

No electricity is required as AutoPot® Systems can be run by gravity. If pumping is used, the amount of energy required is so small that a single car battery powered by the sun would be sufficient to produce 25 tons of tomatoes annually!

Environmentally Friendly

Without nutrient run-off, there is no pollution.


Take agriculture to places previously thought impossible such as non-productive or marginal land and building rooftops. Where soil is poor, AutoPot® Systems can produce good crops out of pure sand or gravel.


Farming on a commercial scale is easier and less labourious.


Crop yields and quantity are consistent and of premium grade.