Aeros DWC one system

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The Aeros DWC range is a clean, no fuss and easy way to get into DWC growing.

The Aeros DWC one system, is a complete all in one garden. As a DWC (Deep water culture) system, the reservior acts as a medium traditionally would, with much greater accessability and availbilty of both oxygen and nutrients to the plants roots compared to soil growing. 

This sytem comes with the 15L reservior base, a lid with a precut hole to put your inluded net pot into and
an external water level indicator, aswell as an airpump.

Simply fill the reservior to the top water level mark, add your nutrients, and turn on the airpump.
the best medium to use in the netpot is LECA/Clay balls, add a small layer in the net pot then place the plant and its clean roots, simply top up with clayballs and of you go!!